graphic design, web enhancement, script coding
Optimist is a graphic design studio with more than 30 years of experience in communication and advertising strategies with creative contents.

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Paolo Veronelli, Optimist
Design drived user experience
We create:
Taylor made websites, web sites restyling, PHP-JavaScript programming, web animations, webapp, Android or Apple apps.
An animation is worth a thousand images
We create:
Animations, animated infographics, videos, video editing and special effects.
Objects and worlds ready to exist
3D and FX
We create:
Objects design, photo rendering, virtual or augmented reality presentation, 3D animations, technical illustrations, exploded views.
May I attract your attention, please
We create:
Advertising pages, banners, social media posts, graphic animations and videoclips.
How to multiply efficiency
We create:
Automations for: catalogues, price lists, product lists, manuals, labels. (Ask for a demo)

Catalogues automation gives advantages to everyone, but you can gain most if:
  • if you already use a data base
    chances are that, in your company data base or in the one of your web site, you already get all you need to start with the automation design
  • if you would like to merge the most updated technical information with the most attractive contents
    link the creativity of your communication department with the precision of the technical one, the more convincing texts together with tables updated ‘by the second’ from the company data base
  • if you desire to produce many pages
    the more are the pages, the greater is the convenience, finally you can include those products that you’ve always excluded to save pages and money
  • if you appreciate a tailor made content
    in that country you sell only a small part of your products, do you want to trim the products range and maybe include some localized items? two clicks and it's done
    for that sectorial exhibition, do you need to include only the related products? two clicks and it's done
    do you want to avoid that your important customer could be distracted by unwanted products? you guess it, two clicks and it's done
  • if you want the data to be the same on every media
    you must reach data consistency if you want to avoid phone calls and complaints, change a value in the data base and you can immediately see it on catalogue and web site
  • if you usually produce many updates during the year
    let’s welcome every unprompted change with a smile, solution is few clicks and few minutes away
  • if you don’t want to depend upon the others
    do it by yourself and you’ll never need to wait other peoples time and will

Should I build the catalogue data base from scratch?
Probably no.
Chances are that you already have the major part of the contents… in your website.
Building and maintaining an updated website is so urgent these days that most of the companies spend so much time and efforts there, why don't take advantage from this huge job?
  • Let's use the website data base as a starting point
  • If the catalogue must contain more contents, than aggregate the missing data (maybe you already got these data somewhere in the company DB), we can use the most smart queries in SQL to do the magic needed
  • Send the data straight to the catalogue automation.

Can you see the advantages?
Change data in the website -> generate the catalogue -> you got both website AND catalogue updated in minutes
Don't you ever dreamed this?
Full consistency of contents in all your communication media, no more excuses like: 'sorry, I know the PDF catalogue wasn't updated, you should have search on the web site'
Many other automations available

  • Change price and currency on price list
  • the script finds every prices inside the pages, calculates the new price or the currency change then updates all the price list
  • Export the catalogue in an Excel file
  • the script finds the desired data inside the pages then builds and exports the Excel (but also other database formats) file
  • Add hyperlinks to codes
  • the script finds the codes inside the pages then creates the web url and exports the PDF file with clickable codes to access each product web page
Creative ways to present your business
We create:
Flyer, folders, brochures, catalogues, instruction manuals or every documents to be printed or published in PDF.
Thinking outside of the box
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